We work with aboriginal-owned community art centres

All works sold by bim bam brisbane are either acquired directly from Aboriginal art centres or from reputable galleries that deal with these centres.

Aboriginal art centres are governed by Aboriginal people – the artists themselves and all income received through the sale of artwork is shared by the artists and the art centre. In turn, the art centres perform a range of functions which support established, emerging and novice artists in culturally appropriate ways.

When you buy from bim bam brisbane you are assured that you are buying from a recognised art centre and that you are purchasing an authentic work of art in a fair and ethical way. Buying from bim bam brisbane and art centres guarantees:

  • the majority of the proceeds from sales are returned back to the Aboriginal artists and the art centres/community centres;

  • fostering of cultural maintenance and development;

  • best practice in the making, marketing and distribution of Aboriginal Art;

  • ensuring artists work in decent conditions and have their rights protected;

  • compliance with the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct; and

  • the authenticity of the artworks.

Danny with Cecilia Alfonso, coordinator of the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, Yuendumu, NT.

Barbara with artists from Bábbarra Women's Centre Maningrida, Arnhem Land, NT