Edward Malati Yunupingu

DATE OF BIRTH:     14.4.19
MOTHER’S COUNTRY:     Warriyuwu, Melville Island
FATHER’S COUNTRY:     Yirrkala, Arnhem Land
DREAMING:     Yirrikapayi (Crocodile)

Edward (or Malati) was born to a Tiwi Mother and a Yolngu Father (from Yirrkala, in East Arnhem Land).

He began his career as an artist with a short stint at Tiwi Design on Bathurst Island Soon after that he and his partner moved across the Aspley Strait to Melville Island and settled at Munupi Arts and Crafts in 2007. Malati quickly established himself as a talented carver of iron wood. His partner is another up and coming Munupi artist, Natalie Puantulura, who is also the grand daughter of renowned Tiwi artist Jean Baptiste.

Edward is also a valuable and dynamic member of the staff at Munupi Arts and Crafts, showing great versatility and willingness to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of the arts industry.In Edward’s own words: “My name is Edward Yunupingu, I have lived on the Tiwi Islands all my life. I went to school at Nguiu and then Darwin. I started carving at Nguiu as a young man, but in 2007 I came to Pirlangimpi to paint and carve at Munupi arts and Crafts.”