Mary Dhapalany


Skin name: Bilinydjan

Language: Mandhalpuy

Dreaming: Dhuwa

Clan: Mandhalpuy

Date of birth: 1950-01-01

Community: Ramingining : NT

Outstation: Gulpilul

Mary Dhapalany is the twin sister of David Gulpilil.  Other siblings include Peter Minygululu, Djelirr (1), Belinda Gunydjulma and Evonne Munuyngu.

Dhapalany is a very skilled weaver.  She has been making fibre objects for utilitarian and ritual use since her early teenage years.  Her work includes mindirr (dilly bags), pandanus mats, djerrk (bush string bags) and fish traps. 


Fishtrap - 2020
Mary Dhapalany
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