Betty Bundamurru

DOB: 20/09/1960
Language: Kwini
Country: Gibb River, Kalumburu

Betty was born at Karunji station where her father was a stockman. She was born in the bush while her parents were on a walkabout. At the age of three, after the death of her mother, Betty came to Kalumburu Mission Convent where she was looked after by Ignatia Ganwalla and the nuns.

In young adulthood she worked at the Mission bakery, but her talents later led to more responsible positions, including a long period employed as a teacher’s aide at the Kalumburu School.

Betty has five children and six grandchildren and lives happily with her extended family in Kalumburu. In the five short years since the beginning of the Kalumburu art centre Betty has deepened her art practice to the point where she is now the one of the senior artists and is also responsible for the many of the daily operations of the studio. Frequently experimenting with personal interpretations of local rock art, her work is bold and stylistically incomparable to any other artists of the Kimberley region.

Betty was selected for the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s Desert River Sea Visual Arts Leadership program.