Rachael Yaritji Stevens

Rachael’s artistry includes Tjanpi baskets and sculptures, canvas painting and woodworking. Her Tjanpi artwork focuses on the use of traditional Tjanpi materials such as raffia, wool and Minarri grass, and depicts animal themes and traditional artefact shapes.

Born near Kaltjiti (Fregon) community in South Australia in 1962, Rachael spent her early years in and around that area, travelling around with her parents, from whom she learnt about Pitjantjatjara culture, heritage and language. Rachael later went to school in Kaltjiti, where she learnt her second language, English.

With her formal education completed, Rachael remained in Kaltjiti, later marrying and raising three beautiful children. Rachael is now the proud grandmother of two grandchildren who live with her in Kaltjiti.