Steven Jupurrurla Nelson

Steven Jupurrurla Nelson was born 30 August 1978 in Alice Springs, NT. He is a lifelong resident of Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Alice Springs on the Tanami road. He was raised by his late mother, Nora Nungarrayi, and his stepfather, Frankie Nelson. His father John Brown was a resident of Papunya.

Steven began painting at Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation in late 2014 after working at the art centre for some time. He typically paints ‘Janganpa Jukurrpa’ (brush-tail possum Dreaming) from his mother’s side. His country is located near Nyirrpi, another remote Aboriginal community approximately 170 kilometers west of Yuendumu. His mother’s and grandfather’s country are also in this area. His mother’s country includes the Nginyirrpalangu outstation. His grandfather, Banjo Patterson, owned country that includes Ngarupalya.

Steven enjoys the work and process of painting at Warlukurlangu. When he is not painting, he likes to relax at home, walk around the community with his dog Xena, and go hunting for kangaroos.


Janganpa Jukurrpa - 2018 - BBB0128
Steven Jupurrurla Nelson
  • $2,400.00
Janganpa Jukurrpa - 2018 - BBB0320
Steven Jupurrurla Nelson
  • $495.00
Janganpa Jukurrpa - 2019 - BBB0329
Steven Jupurrurla Nelson
  • $2,750.00
Janganpa Jukurrpa - 2023 - BBB0321
Steven Jupurrurla Nelson
  • $3,200.00