Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace

Born:                  1975

Skin:                    Perrurle

Language:           Arrernte

Dreaming:           Bush Yam

Country:             Gem Tree

Community:        Santa Teresa, NT

Chris Wallace is a man of many talents.

Chris is a well known musician, learning to play music at the age of 10 he is now the front man for his band “Southeast Desert Metal”.

Not only is the band a symbol of their living culture - it is a lifeline that has steered members and followers alike away from paths of drug and alcohol abuse, creating local heroes who return from the road with an abundance of stories from their adventures across their great southern land time and time again.

Quite simply, the unexpected spiritual cross section of heavy metal and the cultural history of Indigenous Australia is somewhat breathtaking, and tugs at the heart in perhaps surprising ways.

When Chris was young he was taught to make bush toys by his older cousin Johnny Young. Using discarded materials, the boys would make their own toys to play with. The boys were particularly influenced by the rodeo, with their sculptures often reflecting the fancy shirts and designer chaps worn by the real life rodeo stars.

Chris’ work is particularly fine and shows great attention to detail, proportion and the mechanics of movement.

Chris is also no ordinary youth worker.

He's opened up his traditional lands of ltyentye-apurte or Santa Teresa south of Alice Springs up to troubled teens from across the country. Chris runs a cultural and healing horse trek for 'at risk' teens, giving them a space to clear their heads and have an adventure.


Machete Rides Again - 2022
Chris Wallace
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