Margaret Kundu

Margaret Kundu is a senior member of Durrmu Arts and sister of Regina Pilawuk Wilson. Margaret was born c. 1945 in the Daly River region and moved to Peppimenarti after its establishment in 1976.

Margaret Kundu is a master painter and fisherwoman, turtle catching is her specialty. She was raised on the Catholic Mission in Daly River. She came to Peppimenarti in the 70s. She has 10 children and jokes that she doesn't know how many grandkids she has. She is a strong voice in Peppimenarti and commands utmost respect from younger community members.

Margaret is renowned for her sun-mat paintings: acrylic expressions of the traditional woven decorative mats. Her works are subtle and sophisticated, often displaying a series of intricate marks that create an overall design.

Margaret also paints durrmu (body painting dot) and fish-net designs. 

2008 Ancient Culture. Modern Art, Club 21 Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

2007 Peppimenarti, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney

2006 Agathon Galleries, Sydney

2004 Peppimenarti, Sherman Galleries, Sydney

2003 Karen Brown Gallery, Darwin

2003 Awa Yedi I Falmi Warrim Pek Durrimu, Peppimenarti Community


Durrmu - 2020
Margaret Kundu
  • $2,950.00