Sean Del Signore

Born: 1973
Location: Queensland
Tribe: Bundjalung
Sean Bundjalung (Del Signore)

“My Nation is Bundjalung and my clan is Ngyabul from Cabbage Tree Island, near Wardell.

I have been painting since I was 15 years old and my major influences have been painting Dreaming stories told by mother Yvonne (Ponnie) Del-Signore and her brother Uncle Lewis Cook.

Not long ago I worked for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as a field officer, but also doing discovery guide tours about national parks, its wildlife and the environment.

As a Bundjalung artist, I paint stories about the Dreamtime, my country, myths, Aboriginal survival, land, animals, the sea and waterways. Our stories have been passed down from our Elders and as a modern artist I have incorporated my life experiences into my painting.

In my country paintings, the circles represent family groups and clans with tracks that show their connection to other Aboriginal groups within the nation. Our people live in harmony with the land and sea. We believe strongly in our Aboriginal spirituality and that our life cycle evolves and is connected to everything in the universe.

Aboriginal people respect the land and sea, the animals, birds and fish. As an artist I express my life journey, stories about my people and to be recognized and respected as the original inhabitants of this land.”