Mary (Mia) Mulladad

Mary Mulladad

Born:                   1954

Language:           Arrernte

Skin:                    Perrurle

Dreaming:           Honey Ant

Country:              Garden Station

Community:        Santa Teresa, NT

Mary - known in the community as Mia - worked at Keringke Arts in the early days of the art centre’s conception and has painted her whole life.

Mary worked extensively on the Santa Teresa Church murals which still adorn the walls. Her skills in the arts are well known amongst the community, and her enjoyment and pride in her painting is evident.

Mary is also one of the most esteemed medicine women on the community, and holds much knowledge about bush medicine, Arrernte country and dreamtime stories.





Cockatoo - 2022
Mary (Mia) Mulladad
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