Sharon Porter Napangardi

Sharon Porter Napangardi is the granddaughter of the renowned artist Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa.

Sharon, like her grandmother, is a Pintupi woman who paints the traditional Dreamtime stories of her community. Sharon’s family are originally from the Docker River in the Northern Territory, but moved to Papunya to during the emergence of the Aboriginal Art Movement in the late 1970’s.

The traditional depictions of Sharon’s country are illustrated in her work under the title, ‘My Grandmother’s Country’. In her works, Sharon illustrates the sacred teaching of her famous grandmother and utilises a bright colour palette to depict the sacred land and it’s ceremonial sites.

The sites depicted by Sharon like her grandmother Tjawina, represent the water sources, bush foods and ceremonial gathering sites. The unique colour palette used by Sharon make her works highly sought after, with her signature style being unique to her communities Dreaming and the Dreaming of her famous artist Grandmother.


My Grandmother's Country - 2021 - BBB0291
Sharon Porter Napangardi
  • $1,950.00