Theresa Numendumah-Arinda

Born: 1960
Clan: Ngarinyin / Worrorra

Theresa was born and attended school in Derby, and now resides in Mowanjum Community. She is one of the newest artists working at the Mowanjum Art and Cultural Centre where she paints regularly, and has previously has exhibited her paintings in Broome, Derby and Mowanjum.

Her paintings depict Wandjinas, Unguds (totem), animals, fish, turtles, crocodiles, and gyorns gyorns (gatherers of foods). Her work is distinguished by the use of bright backgrounds infused with iridescent vibrancy, paired with graphic motifs of traditional stories that connect and come alive. Theresa uses her art to express herself and to keep her cultural inheritance alive, depicting stories of both Ngarinyin and Worrora peoples.
Throughout her childhood, Theresa Arinda Numendumah was taught about her law, her culture and her language.

Theresa’s paintings show a very unique style and it is through her artwork that she expresses herself and her culture. Theresa has a strong and distinctive style, depicting stories of both Worrora and Ngarinyin peoples.

Courtesy of Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre