Dulcie Malimara

Dulcie was born in 1952 and is a Nakara Elder and master weaver. Dulcie's first language is her Father's, Nakara then Mother's Burrara/Gun-Nartpa then Father's Gunu-Bidji.

Dulcie says,

"My Mother, she would show me how to weave, she taught me after I went everyday to Maningrida school. I weave mats, dilly bags, string bags and weave baskets all that time since I went to school, a long time ago. I still like to sit back, relaxing and weaving. When I have any pressure, I just ignore that pressure and get the pandanus and start stripping it get it ready for colour and just do weaving. I collect mangrove root for the yellow one and the red one I use the ashes from the mangroves. The brown colour one it's a different plant. Sometimes I mix it up and use leaves for green. I boil it all up and make good colour. I still weaving today long time"

Dulcie has a large family in Maningrida, Arnhemland. "I got 2 boys and 2 girls and so many nephews and nieces, but in our way we call them son and daughter". Dulcie Malimara is a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grand Mother, Senior weaver, artist and human rights campaigner. Dulcie lives in Darwin, on Larrakia Country but regularly travels back to Maningrida "for ceremony, family business and funeral".