Kevin Bird Mpetyane

Kevin Bird Mpetyane

Kevin Bird Mpetyane was born in 1974 in the Utopia Region of Central Australia, north east of Alice Springs.

He is the son of artists Eileen and Paddy Bird and the grandson of the famous Ada Bird Petyarre.

Kevin is married to fellow artist Marie Ryder. They have four children – Kureena, Keenan, Kassidy and Nikita – who have followed in their parent’s footsteps and become artists.

Kevin’s country and stories are passed down from his father’s ancestors. His stories are associated with his country, Ilkawerne, and Mulga Bore region. Lindsay Bird Mpetyane is a well known artist and is the senior custodian for this country. Kevin calls Lindsay Bird his grandfather.

Kevin’s dreamings include Bush Plum Dreaming and Mulga Seed Dreaming.


Mulga Seed Dreaming - 2021
Kevin Bird Mpetyane
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