Raymond Walkbier

Raymond Walkbier

Raymond was born in Derby at the Numbala Nunga Nursing Home in 1972. He calls the isolated Milleewindi Road in the King Leopold Ranges home.

His language groups are Kidja and Ngarinyin. His skin name is Jungula.

Raymond attended Holy Rosary Primary School and Derby District High School. After leaving school Raymond worked as a stockman at Tableland Station (Yulumbu) which is approximately 130kms north of Halls Creek.

Raymond is a painter as well as a carver of wooden artefacts. It was his grandfather who taught him carving techniques and skills when he was about 12 years old. Skills such as varnish making by boiling the sap of Bloodwood trees and adding water were passed onto him. This varnish provides a great finish to his carved artefacts such as didgeridoos, clapping sticks, boomerangs and coolamons. Raymond is also renowned for his Boab nut carving.

The main motif in nearly all of his artwork is the Wandjina but he also likes to paint scenes from his home country. His partner Roxanne Anderson, also an artist, always works alongside Raymond. Both are full of humour. Raymond is absorbed by his culture and in the future is planning to paint large Wandjina canvasses.

He was a member of the Yurriyangem Taam Native Title Claim Group which was granted title over a significant area within the Kimberley region of Western Australia between Broome and Kununurra in May 2019. The area is within the jurisdiction of the Kimberley Land Council.


Purnululu - Bungle Bungle
Raymond Walkbier
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