Kukula McDonald

DOB:    1985
BORN:    Papunya
LANGUAGE:    Luritja

Kukula is a young Luritja woman from Papunya who has been painting at the Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio since 2002. Kukula predominantly paints Red Tailed Black Cockatoos and knows where to find “big mobs” of them in the Central and Western Deserts. Kukula has become known for these Red Tailed Black Cockatoos, which she incorporates into the landscape of Papunya, big mobs or a lone individual soaring in the sky. She knows where to find “big mobs” of Black Cockatoos in the Central and Western Deserts.

More recently, an occasional Yellow Tailed Cockatoo, Galah or Ring Neck Parrot might make its way in to Kukula's landscapes. These new paintings reflect great developments in Kukula, both as an artist and on a personal level.

She also has a keen eye and extensive knowledge for wheelchair brands, styles, colours, accessories and is able to tell you who has what kind of wheelchair “out bush”.



Big Mob at Papunya - 2011
Kukula McDonald
  • $1,750.00