June Smith Pengarte

June Smith Pengarte

June’s family is from the Alice Springs district, her mother was born at Hermannsburg and father at Undoolya Station. June was born in 1960 and grew up and attended school in Alice Springs and following that came to live at the Santa Teresa mission, now Ltyentye Apurte Community. She worked at the school, teaching the pre-school children. Her language is Eastern Arrente.

June was among the women who initially approached the mission staff to allow the women a place to work on their art. She was the first artist to paint on silk, and later she was among those who started working at the Keringke  Art Centre after it opened.

Early memories for June are of her grandmother teaching the Yalke story (and others) through sand drawing and singing. These stories became a base from which her own expression has flowed.

She has been one of the very strong leaders in the art centre and has held the position of Chair for several terms. She is also a strong mother and grand-mother, and influences many people in her life, creating a base of stability. Her painting is an important element in that strength, and her mentoring role of other artists is recognition of her as an elder and leader amongst her community.

June’s designs have been use in the design of the Alice Springs Airport carpets, the Alice Springs Town Council Public Gardens installations and also printed onto fabric. Her works are held in many private and public collections in Australia, New Zealand and France.



Cockatoo - 2020
June Smith Pengarte
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