Stephanie Ratara Ngala

Date of birth:    1969-07-11
Skin name:        Penangke
Language:         Western Aranda
From:               Hermannsburg
Community:      Ntaria, NT
Outstation:       Ipalala

Stephanie was born in Hermannsburg and then spent her early years of childhood at MutiTjulu, Uluru. Stephanie returned to Hermannsburg with her family at age 9. Stepahnie is the niece of senior artist Anita Ratara and cousin to prominent artist Hayley Coulthard.

Stephanie draws on the landscape of Palm Valley, her fathers country. Stephanie is a strong emerging artist and dedicated member of Hermannsburg potters.
She also draws inspiration from her memories and life experience living on the family outstations west of Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and near Kings Canyon. “My grandfather used to work out there on the family outstation. He used to drive around the outstation collecting rubbish and sometimes drive the tractor to Ntaria. My sisters Hayley, me, Rosanne we used to go with my grandfather for shopping. We used to go and come back. Sometimes Uncle Kevin used to drive. We used to go for picnics into Palm Valley. This was a long time ago... when we had no car.”


2017 Desert Mob Show, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

2017 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

2017 Tarnanthi Festival and Art Fair, Adelaide

2017 Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs, Northern Territory


Arrkingarra (Barn Owl) - 2010
Stephanie Ratara Ngala
  • $550.00