Josette Papajua

Date of Birth:                06/06/1955
Mother's Country:        Malawu, Bathurst Island
Dreaming:                     Jarrikalani (Turtle)

Josette started painting as a young girl, taught by her father, Declan Apuatimi. In his later years, she participated in and completed much of his work. Josette is a prolific carver, painter and batik artist. Josette lives in Nguiu, Bathurst Island and was one of the first female artists to become an official member of Tiwi Design.

She has been producing artworks since 1990, decorating Tunga (bark baskets) and bark paintings as well as working on canvas from time to time.  Josette also weaves pamajini (ceremonial arm bands and head bands) and mats from pandanus.  She often collaborates with her husband Samuel ‘Marbuk’ Poantimului, painting his ironwood carvings as well as her own.